British Airways (BA) cabin crew has announced a further 14-day strike, to follow immediately on the heels of the current 14-day walkout.

This latest action among BA’s London Heathrow-based “mixed fleet” cabin crew began July 19, just three days after the last strike ended, and is scheduled to run until Aug. 1.

However, on July 19, cabin crew union Unite said it was extending the stoppage from 00:01 on Aug. 2 until 23:59 on Aug. 15, meaning the BA mixed fleet cabin crew will be on strike for the next four weeks.

The original reason for the dispute—pay—has now largely been resolved by union negotiators. Instead, Unite is protesting sanctions against strikers, including removal of staff travel concessions, as well as a £250 ($326) payment “to bribe people into not striking.”

“Today [July 19] sees the 46th day of strike action in the dispute over pay and the sanctioning of striking workers. It follows a 16-day stoppage that ran from Saturday, July 1 to Sunday, July 16,” Unite said.

The union warned that cabin crew covering for the striking workers would be getting “perilously close” to their rolling 28-day, 100-flying hour limit.

BA has been wet-leasing aircraft from fellow oneworld alliance member Qatar Airways to keep services running, a move that has angered Unite and triggered the union to take legal action.

Victoria Moores