A key part of improving any airline operation is collecting and analyzing an ever-increasing stream of data. But just as running an efficient airline requires the seamless integration of disparate functions, the best data analytics dive deeply into very specific areas to extract meaningful, actionable intelligence.

Once you’ve made the strategic decision to leverage software to drive operational improvement, the next step is to pick your tools. The dynamic, round-the-clock nature of the airline business makes across-the-organization changes for critical systems such as software a practical non-starter.

Download Chapter 2, The Digital Airline: Choosing the Right Partner, to learn more about choosing the right solutions and partners. If you missed Chapter 1, The Digital Airline: Getting Started, read it now. Continue reading with the next chapter, The Digital Airline: Generating Data-Driven Results, and wrap up with Chapter 4, The Digital Airline: Maximizing Aircraft; Optimizing Crews.