Boeing has agreed with six airlines to provide advanced analytics solutions to help them increase efficiency and drive down the costs of operating more than 500 aircraft, it said in a statement.

Agreements include:

  • Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) signed a renewal contract for Airplane Health Management (AHM) on its entire future fleet of Boeing 787s. ANA uses AHM tools to monitor their aircraft in real time and proactively manage maintenance operations more efficiently.
  • UK-based British Airways signed a contract for Wind Updates, currently installed on 88 aircraft with plans for additional fleet integration. Customers of Wind Updates typically average a savings of 200-400 lbs. of fuel per flight by leveraging real-time information about atmospheric conditions to improve performance.
  • US-based Delta Air Lines signed an agreement to use Airplane Health Management on its Boeing 737, 747, 767 and 777 fleets. Delta uses AHM’s analytics-based predictive alerts to reduce delays and cancellations by scheduling maintenance in a controlled manner, to avoid schedule disruptions.
  • Brazil’s GOL signed an agreement to use the Engine Fleet Planning and Costing tool, which significantly reduces operating costs by determining specific engine management practices over the life span and enabling better decision making.
  • Russia’s Pobeda Airlinessigned a contract to deploy Fuel Dashboard services across its fleet of Boeing 737s. Fuel Dashboard helps airlines reduce fuel consumption 2%-7% annually.
  • China’s Yangtze River Express signed a contract to use Maintenance Performance Toolbox Records with its fleet of aircraft. Yangtze River Express is the first customer in China to integrate the Toolbox Records service, which eliminates the operational challenge of managing paper-based maintenance records.