Embraer’s second E190-E2 prototype flew for the first time July 8, whilethe first test aircraft made its debut at the Farnborough Airshowthis week.

The first E190-E2 flew for the first time on May 23, months ahead of schedule. Embraer was hoping—but not guaranteeing—to bring the aircraft to Farnborough if it accumulated enough hours to make the transatlantic flight.

Speaking at a briefing in Lisbon on June 28, Embraer Commercial Aircraft COO Luis Carlos Affonso said the initial test aircraft had accumulated 37 flight hours across 16 cycles, but it needed to exceed 50 hours to come to the show.

The aircraft touched down at Farnborough on July 7, with 64 flight test hours and 24 flight cycles under its belt. It departed Embraer’s Sao Jose dos Campos facility in Brazil and flew 2hr 40min (1,110nm) to Recife, also in Brazil. This was followed by a 4hr 10min leg (1,650nm) to Sal in the Cape Verde islands, before the final 5hr 50min (2,400nm) sector to Farnborough.

“It’s a testament to the aircraft that we have it on site,” Embraer Commercial Aviation president and CEO John Slattery said, speaking at the Farnborough Airshow for the first time in his new role. “This is one of the best test campaigns in the history of Embraer.”

ATW toured the E190-E2 at the show and video footage can be found here. An E2 cabin mock-up was also on display; see here for a video walkthough.

Giving an update on the flight test program, Affonso said the second prototype flew on July 8. The third aircraft will fly in the next one to two months and the fourth will be ready at the beginning of next year.

The next variant to go airborne will be the E195-E2, which is scheduled to fly in the second semester of 2017. “We are making good progress towards that goal,” Affonso said. “It’s not a huge modification from the E190-E2.”

Embraer plans to name the first operator of the E190-E2 this fall, around the end of the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter. The recipient of the first E195 will be announced soon after.

The Brazilian manufacturer has accumulated 272 firm orders commitments for the E2 and is aiming to exceed 300 this year.

Victoria Moores, Victoria.moores@penton.com