Spanish low-cost carrier (LCC) Volotea has become the latest airline to join lobbying group Airlines for Europe (A4E).

The Barcelona-based airline announced April 29 it was joining the organization, which was set up earlier this year to act as a new voice for the industry. It brings together a combination of full-service, low-cost and leisure carriers. Volotea is the second airline to join within a week.

Volotea operates from bases in Spain, Italy and France and has a fleet of four Airbus A319s and 19 Boeing 717s; the airline intends to transition to the European aircraft over the next few years. It specializes in connecting what it describes as second- and third-level airports in Europe.

“We are looking forward to working with A4E and its member airlines on a focused aviation agenda for Europe,” Volotea CEO Carlos Muñoz said. “A4E is now our new strong voice to address policy and regulatory issues, which are affecting our daily business and should be tackled in the interest of all European passengers.”

A4E has been prominent in calling for a way to halt air traffic controller strikes that regularly blight European travel and seeking to end taxes and charges that increase costs for airlines and passengers.

“A week including strikes on the ground, in the air and new threats of higher taxes being imposed across the continent proves the need of close cooperation among European airlines,” A4E MD Thomas Reynaert said.