Russian airlines have requested the Ministry of Transport to reconsider the rates for subsidized routes in the Far East, Kaliningrad and Crimea programs.

According toa letter by the Russian Association of Air Transport Operators (AEVT), these subsidy programs remain in force only during the high summer season, “compelling the airlines to sell profitable seats at low rates to perform the social programs. At the same time, the airports are increasing their rates for the carriers annually, explaining the decision with the inflation and other negatives. But the rates for subsidized carriage remains the same during the whole program,” AEVT said in a letter. “As a result the carriers bear losses.”

There are several government-subsidized programs in Russia. The state supports connecting Far East (remote eastern territories) with Centre and South of the country; connecting Kaliningrad with Moscow and Saint Petersburg; and connecting various regions of Russia with Crimea.

There are also several commuter subsidy programs, but they are carried out during the whole year.