18 Getting Personal
Customization will grow loyalty and
revenues—airlines hope.
By Karen Walker


23 Keeping Pace

The Middle East’s hub airports continue growth
in line with their home airlines.
By Alan Dron

28 Pros & Cons
The Asia-Pacific market outlook remains bullish, but challenges continue to dog the region.
By Jeremy Torr

34 Airport Appeal
As the world’s airports privatize, the focus turns
to value creation.
By Anne Paylor

38 Closing the Loop
With 1,000 aircraft a year expected to come to end-of-life with the next decade, the recycling industry is using technology and creativity to repurpose as much of an aircraft as possible.
By Kirby Harrison

43 The Cost Imperative
Pricing remains under pressure in growing MRO business and data analytics are a must in customer support.
By Henry Canaday


5 EditoriaL
MH17: The Work Still To Be Done
By Karen Walker

9 News Briefs

Dangerous Games
FAA and airlines worry a recreational UAV operator’s fun could end in catastrophe.
By Aaron Karp

49 Trends

59 interview
EasyJet CEO Carolyn McCall
By Victoria Moores