A Silk Way Airlines Boeing 747-400F made an emergency landing at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) after one of its Rolls-Royce engines appeared to fail immediately after takeoff.

The aircraft, registration 4K-SW888, had just been released from a D check overhaul at the airport's HAECO maintenance facility. It was undergoing a test and check flight following the MRO operation and had was at about 500 feet when one of its inboard RB211 engines appears to have experienced a power surge.

“The pilots immediately canceled the test flight, returned to the airport and landed safely,” the carrier reported.

Reports indicate the HKIA airport control tower recorded "the [aircraft's] number three engine is on fire." The crew continued to climb out to 5,500 feet to stabilize the aircraft, then made the emergency landing some 10 minutes after initial takeoff.

No damage was detected on the aircraft, but the suspect engine was removed and will be replaced.

Azerbaijan-based Silk Way said an investigation was underway.