Gogo has launched a crew messaging service, Crew Connect for Airline Operational Services. Crew Connect is a messaging platform that allows flight crews to communicate by voice or text messaging with each other and with ground crews while the aircraft is in flight.The service is an application-based service, available on Android, Apple and Microsoft devices that offer group messaging, event-based alerts, multimedia messaging and message tracking.

DS TAGS, a Dutch company, has developed an electronic baggage tag, DS BAGTAG. It can be attached to any suitcase, supports interlining and can be securely updated from anywhere using a smartphone. Airlines can connect to the DS TAGS travel document delivery services platform and integrate the secure end-to-end services in their own online environment.

Sabre Corp. has started selling ancillary services for Flybe using industry technology standards developed by ATPCo and IATA. This allows travel agents to shop and book the carrier’s ancillary services, such as baggage, carriage of sports equipment and unaccompanied travel, at the same time they book airfares in the GDS.

Hahn Air, a sales agent for airlines and travel agencies, now supports interline Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (IEMDs). The new service is available in the Amadeus global distribution system; other GDSs are expected to follow soon. The first partner to benefit from Hahn Air’s interline EMDs is Adria Airways. The Slovenian airline will be able to sell ancillary services in up to 190 markets.

Air Transat signed an agreement with Aviaso to implement the Aviaso/Fuel Efficiency software, which will be completed within the next two months. The fuel efficiency software includes over 100 ready-made analysis reports, which allow an airline to study its fuel consumption and identify potential savings. The software also provides comprehensive reporting to ensure full compliance with the EU Emissions Trading System legislation.

SAS Scandinavian Airlines is updating its customer service app to support the new Apple Watch. Activities that are carried out on a phone will also be displayed on the Apple Watch, such as gate and departure time.

FlightStats launched the FlightStats Apple Watch app. The Watch app is an extension of FlightStats’ iPhone app, which is used to track flight status. This is one of the first general-purpose flight tracking applications created for the Apple Watch, FlightStats said.

OzRunways announced RWY Go, an app for pilots to use on their Apple Watch or iPhone. This app is designed to complement iPad-based electronic flight bags, offering pilots displays of nearby airports with takeoff, landing and emergency data. RWY Go is available in nine languages and contains more than 23,000 airports.