[UPDATED] Lufthansa Group pilots will strike for eight hours Wednesday at Munich Airport, which will affect 13,500 passengers. Lufthansa has canceled 110 flights and has rebooked 2,000 passengers via Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich and Brussels.

The pilots, represented by Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) union, are continuing to protest Lufthansa’s early retirement scheme. This is the union’s third strike over the issue.

VC said in a statement the strike will be in effect between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. local time.

Even though Lufthansa is expecting flight delays during the strike, several pilots are not participating and it is expected all long-haul service can operate from Munich.

Last Friday, Lufthansa was forced to cancel 218 flights at Frankfurt Airport during a six-hour strike, which affected 25,000 passengers and cost €5 million ($6.5 million).

On Aug. 29, Lufthansa low-cost carrier subsidiary Germanwings canceled 116 out of 164 flights due to strike action, which affected 15,000 passengers.

A three-day pilot strike in early April, which was over better pay and working conditions, cost Lufthansa €45 million. In addition, Lufthansa was affected by strikes by airport security staff and public service employees earlier this year.