On the Cover

18 AnnualATW/Arthur D. Little
World Airport Report

Asia, the world’s largest air passenger market,pulls further ahead of North America andWestern Europe.
By Anne Paylor


41 Thinking Business
North American airline unions are no longer concernedonly with pay and benefits. They’re working with management on several key issues affecting thehealth of the airline industry.
By Robert W. Moorman

45 Wars & Duties
Air transport community insists states fulfill theirresponsibilities under the Chicago Convention inwake of MH17.
By Jeremy Torr & Karen Walker

48 Risk Assessment
The shootdown of MH17 has raised questions overairline insurance fees and what is covered.
By Kurt Hofmann

51 Hunting Success
African airlines struggle to expand their networksor be profitable, but there are some bright spots.
By Victoria Moores


5 Editorial
Don’t Undermine EU-US Open Skies
By Karen Walker

9 News Briefs

16 Analysis
Italian Appetite
Can Etihad succeed where othershave failed and put Alitalia on a firmfooting?
By Alan Dron

55 Trends

63 Interview
Airport Partner
Angela Gittens,Airports Council International,Director General
By Karen Walker