African low-cost carrier (LCC) Zimbabwe is set to launch July 16 with flights from Victoria Falls to Johannesburg. The airline, which will operate regional flights from four different bases in the continent, will start operations with flights from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe flyafrica is the first airline of the group to launch. It is a joint venture between, a Zimbabwe-based infrastructure company, and Flyafrica Ltd, a private equity aviation investment group.

The LCC will operate Boeing 737 Classics and plans to operate up to five aircraft per country in the first phase, airline senior executives said.

Flyafrica CEO Adrian Hamilton-Manns said, “We are committed to reducing the cost of flying in Africa; our launch today marks the end of high fares and unjust surcharges designed to exploit passengers.” Fares begin at R99 ($9.26).

The airline said in a statement it is committed to revolutionizing travel in the continent and will not apply fuel surcharges to its fares.

“Zimbabwe flyafrica is the first of several airlines in Africa that will combine low fares with global standards of safety and quality,” Zimbabwe flyafrica CEO Chaka Karase said. “Zimbabwe flyafrica is part of the family and we are committed to providing fares that are always affordable to everyone who travels to Zimbabwe. We believe that low fares are vital in developing trade and tourism for Zimbabwe and we are proud to be part of the low fare revolution,” he added.