Margaret Jenny will retire as president of the RTCA after 10 years in that post, the US standards organization announced June 8.

Jenny will step down in August at the conclusion of her second, 5-year contract with the organization, which has been instrumental in developing national aviation policy during her tenure, in addition to its traditional role of setting equipment performance standards. RTCA’s board of directors, headed by former Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association president and CEO Craig Fuller, will begin a search process for her successor.

“Margaret has worked tirelessly this past decade to fully engage the entire aviation community while advancing recommendations related to some of aviation’s greatest challenges,” Fuller said. “She has earned the gratitude and respect of all who work to improve and modernize our nation’s air transportation system and the global air transportation system as well.”

The announcement follows the expiration of RTCA’s role as a federal advisory committee to the FAA, a status it had maintained since 1976. On May 31, the agency served notice in the Federal Register that it will re-establish two high-level groups RTCA has managed on its behalf—the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC) and the Drone Advisory Committee (DAC)—as separate entities with their own charters.

“It has been an honor and a privilege to lead this organization for the past 10 years, and I am proud of what our team, and the hundreds of participants on our committees have accomplished,” Jenny stated. “Together we have shown what can be accomplished when people with different agendas, and even competing interests, set their minds to finding common ground and hammering out consensus-driven solutions to seemingly intractable problems.”

She continued: “As my second 5-year term comes to a close, it is the right time for me personally and for RTCA, to transition to the next generation of leadership. I leave with the knowledge that RTCA is well-positioned to face new challenges and will continue to succeed.”

Bill Carey,