Finnair CEO Pekka Vauramo is to step down by November 2018 to take up a position as CEO with Metso Corporation, a Finnish industrial machinery company that specializes in mining and related industries.

“We have been through a lot at Finnair over the past five years,” Vauramo said. “I have now been offered to take on one more challenge, and this has not been an easy decision for me to make.”

Vauramo said Finnair’s strategic focus on transformation, growth, the customer experience and personnel has been “the right choice.”

“I am committed to leading Finnair, together with my team, for the rest of my time at Finnair. Our company’s focus needs to be on the future development of the company every day,” he said.

The airline’s chairman, Jouko Karvinen, said the board is sad to see Vauramo go. “We also respect his personal decision to take on another challenge,” he said.

Karvinen thanked Vauramo for his five years of leadership, adding: “During the past few years, Finnair’s people have achieved a remarkable transformation and have turned Finnair into a growth company. We all at Finnair, including the board, will now continue this extensive journey of transformation.”

Vauramo will leave Finnair by no later than November 2018. “The search for Vauramo’s successor starts today,” Finnair said, announcing the resignation on May 21.

Victoria Moores