Paris Air Show June 20: New aircraft orders & conversions

Aircraft orders and commitments placed at the Paris Air Show June 20, 2017.

Source: ATW Research.


ManufacturerAircraft TypeDelivery Model(s)Engine TypeOrdered ByNumber of New OrdersOrder Value at List Prices ($, million)Options / Purchase rightsOrder statusDelivery Start DateNote
AIRBUS (TOTAL)10511,596
AIRBUSA320A321ceoCFM56Delta Air Lines101,160firm order
AIRBUSA320A320neoCDB Aviation303,252MOU
AIRBUSA320A321neoCDB Aviation151,905MOU
AIRBUSA320A320neoViva Air353,794MOU2020
AIRBUSA320A320ceoViva Air151,485MOUMay 2018
AIRBUSA350A350-900Trent XWB-84Ethiopian Airlines103,112previously announcedorder previously attributed to unidentified customer on the Airbus Orders & Deliveries website
AIRBUSA320A321neoCDB Aviation15NAconversion orderconversion of 15 A320neos from previous CDB Aviation order to 15 A321neos
BOEING (TOTAL)19525,298
BOEING737737 MAX 10CFM LEAP-1BAviation Capital Group (ACG)202,490firm order
BOEING737737 MAXCFM LEAP-1BCALC (China Aircraft Leasing Group)353,930firm ordervariant unidentified; likely 737 MAX 8 at posted list prices
BOEING737737 MAX 10CFM LEAP-1BCALC (China Aircraft Leasing Group)151,871firm order
BOEING737737 MAX 10CFM LEAP-1BOkay Airways8998firm order
BOEING737737 MAX 8CFM LEAP-1BOkay Airways7787firm order
BOEING737737 MAX 8CFM LEAP-1BRyanair101,200firm order737 MAX 8 (200 seat variant)
BOEING777777-300ERUnited Airlines41,388firm order
BOEING787787-9Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL)41,082commitment
BOEING777777FEthiopian Airlines2651commitment
BOEING737737 MAX 8CFM LEAP-1BJapan Investment Adviser (JIA)101,120commitment
BOEING737737 MAX 8CFM LEAP-1BAvolon758,43050MOU
BOEING787787-9Okay Airways51,352MOU
BOEING737737 MAX 10CFM LEAP-1BUnited Airlines100NAconversion orderlate 2020conversion of 100 current 737 MAX orders into 737 MAX 10s
BOEING737737 MAX 8CFM LEAP-1BEthiopian Airlines101,124exercise of purchase rights/previously announcedorder previously attributed to unidentified customer on the Boeing Orders & Deliveries website
BOEING737737 MAXCFM LEAP-1BBlue Air6NApreviously announced
ATR 72-60072-600Air Senegal254firm orderNov 2017
BOMBARDIERQ400Q400Ethiopian Airlines5161previously announcedorder previously attributed to unidentified customer
EMBRAERE-JET E2E190-E2Undisclosed201,18220commitment
EMBRAERE-JETE175Belavia146firm order2018
EMBRAERE-JETE195Belavia153firm order
EMBRAERE-JETE175Fuji Dream Airlines31373firm order
EMBRAERE-JETE190Japan Airlines151firm order
EMBRAERE-JETE190KLM Cityhopper2101firm order2018
EMBRAERE-JET E2E195-E2Undisclosed1066610firm order
TOTAL Firm Orders June 20, 201712914,930
TOTAL MOUs / LOIs / commitments June 20, 201723625,058
TOTAL conversion orders June 20, 2017115NA
TOTAL exercise of purchase rights orders June 20 2017101,124

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