Russian aviation authorities have offered to remove all restrictions on the number of frequencies and destinations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan representatives said they would be ready to discuss the rule changes later this year.

In addition, Russian authorities have offered to add 26 frequencies to the Moscow-Bishkek route and 20 frequencies on Moscow-Osh for the summer 2014 season, not the winter 2015 season, as earlier announced.

Russian authorities explained that decision based on seat load factors on the routes over 80%. Last year, Russia and Kyrgyzstan added new frequencies on the routes between the countries.

Russia’s industry experts say the bilateral agreements between Russia and former USSR republics are sometimes tougher—in an effort to protect local airlines—than those between Russian and European countries. But over the last few years, Russia persuaded several countries to change the rules. In 2011, Russia agreed to liberalize rules with Ukraine. In January 2014, flight rules were liberalized between Russia and Armenia.