On the Cover

24     Regional Aircraft & Airlines

High fuel costs, new regulations, mainline consolidation and safety drive changes in regional aviation market.
By Aaron Karp and Christine Boynton

24     Turboprop Triumph
26     Bombardier Goes Global
28     Pinnacle Declares Bankruptcy
30     Colgan 3407’s Continuing Impact
32     Horizon Soars


37       Fast Track
The US TSA’s expedited screening program is a long-awaited step in the right direction.
By Henry Canaday

41     London Crawling
As Heathrow nears full capacity, plans fumble along to address London’s congested airspace.
By Alan Dron

44     Tough as Nails
More prevalent today, composite structures have spawned challenges for OEMs, but opportunities for trainers and MROs.
By Robert W. Moorman

50     Fleet Shift
Russian carriers are increasingly looking to the west for their new aircraft purchases.
By Polina Borodina

56     Europe’s Low-Cost Imperative
Flag carriers are ditching traditional business models to stay competitive in local markets.
By Cathy Buyck

59     Altogether Now
More collaborative work could help cargo operators through tough times.
By Michael Mackey