FL Technics completed the first two C-checks for Luxair.

Magnetic MRO completed the acquisition of a package of four Boeing 737-800 aircraft and 10 CFM56-7B engines.

Monarch Aircraft Engineering has a La Compagnie contract to perform C-Check on a Boeing 757.

Turkish Technic has a Nordwind contract to perform C-Checks on two Airbus A330s.

Guanghzhou Hangxin Aviation Technology purchased Estonia's Magnetic MRO.

StandardAero has PSA Airlines contract to provide APU maintenance for its Bombardier CRJs and an Air Wisconsin contract to maintain GTCP36-150RJ APUs for 65 CRJs.

COMAC issued an RFP for propulsion system for prospective C929 widebody.

Embraer has a Widerøe contract to provide E190-E2 rotable component support.

AJW Group appointed Han-Ley Tang as chief technology officer.