Airbus is to seek shareholder approval for a formal name change during an annual general meeting (AGM) on April 12.

During the AGM, the Toulouse-based manufacturer will handle the administrative formalities of changing its legal name from Airbus Group SE to Airbus SE.

“This follows the decision taken in 2016 to merge the group structure with the largest division, Airbus Commercial Aircraft, and adopt the single Airbus brand. The company has been operating as Airbus since the beginning of January 2017,” the company said in a March 1 disclosure.

At the April 12 meeting, Airbus will also propose the appointment of Lord Drayson for a three-year term as non-executive director. Drayson, who will replace Lakshmi Mittal, is chairman and CEO of UK-based Drayson Technologies and has led technology companies in a number of industry sectors. The terms of non-executive directors Ralph Crosby and Hermann-Josef Lamberti are also up for renewal.

Airbus will also extend Denis Ranque’s chairmanship for another three years, subject to shareholder approval.

Victoria Moores