Spanish pilots’ union SEPLA has filed a lawsuit against Ryanair in a bid to get the airline to apply Spanish labor law to its members’ contracts.

The Dublin-based LCC is locked in a wide-ranging labor relations dispute with its workforce across Europe, after agreeing to recognize unions in December 2017.

The process of negotiating agreements with individual unions has proved complicated so far and the LCC is facing industrial action by pilots and cabin crew in several countries.

“The only thing we want is for our pilots to have the same rights and obligations as established by Spanish regulations, as well as the negotiation of a statutory collective agreement as other airlines in the same sector of the competition have,” SEPLA said in a statement.

Pilots in Ireland staged their fourth one-day strike since July 12 on Aug. 3 with another planned for Aug. 10, for each of which the airline has canceled 20 flights.

Ryanair and the Irish Airline Pilots’ Association (IALPA), a branch of the Forsa trade union, have been locked in a dispute for weeks with Ryanair accusing Aer Lingus pilots of interfering in the negotiations and saying it has already agreed to most of Forsa’s demands. Forsa meanwhile said the airline has not been sufficiently available for talks and has criticized its move to warn Dublin-based pilots and cabin crew that their jobs were at risk amid plans to shift aircraft to Poland.

On Aug. 3, Ryanair said it had proposed third-party mediation, a step Forsa has previously said it was open to.

Ryanair also said that because of a planned strike by pilots in Sweden on Aug. 10 it would have to cancel 22 flights to and from the country.

Helen Massy-Beresford,