Boeing South Carolina (BSC) workers have voted to reject the International Association of Machinists’ (IAM) attempt to unionize the North Charleston site.

“A total of 2,828 teammates of the approximately 3,000 eligible to vote cast ballots, with 74% (2,097) voting in support of the company,” Boeing said in a statement.

“We will continue to move forward as one team,” BSC VP & GM Joan Robinson-Berry said. “We have a bright future ahead of us and we’re eager to focus on the accomplishments of this great team and to developing new opportunities.”

In 2015, IAM withdrew a petition to unionize BSC workers after union organizers conducted home visits with more than 1,700 BSC workers, citing a “toxic environment and gross violations of workers’ lawful organizing rights” as the reason it withdrew its petition.

IAM filed a new petition with the National Labor Relations Board Jan. 20 to hold an election to unionize BSC employees.

On Feb. 17, Boeing plans to roll out the first 787-10, the third and largest variant of the 787 at BSC. First deliveries are scheduled for 2018 to Singapore Airlines and United Airlines.

Robinson-Berry said, “It is great to have this vote behind us as we come together to celebrate that event.”

Linda Blachly