US-based avionics and IT provider Rockwell Collins announced Jan. 4 the company’s acquisition of UK-based self-service bag drop system developer Pulse.Aero. The price of the transaction was not released.

Pulse.Aero provides reservation and departure control services for airports, airlines and other industry stakeholders through two major product lines Sonic and Fusion. Pulse’s Sonic product is a self-service check-in, bag-drop, security and boarding services system linked to a centralized command center that oversees operational access, management and control of the system. The company’s Fusion product is an information and communication system that allows interaction between various airport and airline back-office operational databases, reservation systems and departure control systems.

Rockwell Collins and Pulse have worked together on several deployments of the Sonic system, including Dublin Airport. The company says it is the largest supplier of self-service bag-drop systems in Europe, by operational installations.

Rockwell Collins said Pulse’s products and services will be integrated into Rockwell Collins’ Information Management Services business’ Airport Systems portfolio.

Self-service bag drop is a market on the rise around the world as airports can increase passenger throughput without additional major expenditures on buildings and facilities.

Mark Nensel