British Airways (BA), Delta Air Lines, Finnair, the LATAM Group carriers and United Airlines have signed up to NDC Exchange, a platform that acts as a bridge between IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) and traditional distribution channels.

NDC is a standard that was created by IATA so airlines could communicate the full scope of their products and services, including ancillaries, rather than listing purely by ticket price.

Supporting this change, distribution specialist ATPCO and airline IT company SITA came up with NDC Exchange, which acts as a link between legacy systems and NDC.

“Once connected to NDC Exchange, airlines have access to all connected travel sellers and those travel sellers have access to all connected airlines,” SITA and ATPCO said.

SITA and ATPCO announced Oct. 9 that BA, Atlanta-based Delta, Finland flag carrier Finnair, Brazilian-Chilean LATAM Group carriers and Chicago-based United joined the platform, adding that they see “exponential growth” ahead.

“With the addition of these five world-class airlines to Air Canada, the exchange now has become a compelling part of the NDC ecosystem. With one simple connection, sellers and other airlines can easily access all five carriers,” ATPCO director of products & solutions Graham Wareham said.

Victoria Moores