US airlines posted a 79.6% on-time arrival rate in the month of February, down from 86.2% posted in February 2012, and down slightly from January 2013 81% rate.

Airlines reported 34 tarmac delays of three hours or more on domestic flights, but no delays of more than four hours on international flights, according to the US Dept. of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report bureau.

All of the long tarmac delays took place on Feb. 16 and involved flights departing from or arriving at Charlotte International Airport in North Carolina, where a snowstorm occurred that day. All of the flights were flown by US Airways or its codeshare partners and are under investigation by DOT.

Those airlines reporting the best on-time arrivals in February are Hawaiian Airlines at 91.8% of flights on time, Alaska Airlines, 90.6% and Virgin America, 88.5%.

The lowest on-time arrival rates for February were Frontier Airlines at 68.4%, JetBlue Airways, 68.8% and ExpressJet Airlines, 69.2%.