Sino-Russian commercial aircraft consortium CRAIC  has received seven proposals for engines for its CR929 widebody airliner, said COMAC, one of the partners.

The responses follow a request for proposals issued in December 2017.

COMAC has not named the proposers, but only General Electric and Rolls-Royce have been expected to be realistic bidders to provide an initial engine for the aircraft, which is due to go into service no later than 2027.

Pratt & Whitney is not known to be working on an engine of the necessary thrust, which will be 78,000 lb., according to the other partner, United Aircraft Corp.

Aero Engine Corp. of China (AECC) and Russia’s United Engine Corp. (UEC), both state organizations, were presumably two of the other proposers, but only to formally declare their hopes of eventually powering the CR929 with an alternative to the chosen Western engine.

AECC is working on an engine for the CR929, called the CJ-2000, while UEC intends to develop one called the PD-35. A joint engine from the two companies is also a possibility.

The CR929 will be larger than the Airbus A330-900 and have about the same range, 12,000 km (7,500 mi.), according to the latest design iterations described by COMAC and UAC.

Bradley Perrett/Aviation Week