Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) is aiming to cut 5% from its fuel bill after rolling out SkyBreathe fuel management software from French company OpenAirlines.

Kiev-based UIA will use SkyBreathe to analyze its daily flight data—including aircraft technical performance, actual flight conditions, weather, airport traffic and maneuvers—to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and costs.

“SkyBreathe will help UIA make informed decisions quickly and adjust their operations in ways that will accelerate fuel efficiency right from the start,” OpenAirlines CEO Alexandre Feray said. 

Fuel accounts for up to 40% of airline direct operating costs. In 2016, UIA consumed 329,532 tons of fuel and the airline expects to cut its fuel consumption by 1%—or more—within the next 12 months, increasing to 5% over the longer term.

UIA flies to more than 60 destinations and is planning to increase its fleet to over 91 aircraft by 2021.

Victoria Moores