Eco-Aviation 2012 Panel Information

NEW! 2012 Panel format:

Vigorous debate on the most pressing eco-aviation issues will be the foundation of this year’s conference with its new, all-panel format.  Panel members will give their position statements to the moderator in advance of the conference.  From these position statements, the moderator will frame the panel for the audience and then proceed to formulate the agenda for the panel through questions  directed at the panel to stimulate the debate.  This conference will encourage open engagement between panel members and with the audience. Upon registration, attendees will be able to submit questions to any panel in advance of the conference. 

This conference hopes to build on the ATAG climate change 4 pillar strategy.

1)      Invest in new technology
2)      Fly using more efficient operations
3)      Build and use efficient infrastructure
4)      Use effective economic measures


#1 - The Real financial impact of Higher Fuel and  Higher Taxes

Subject: Governments looking for new revenue streams generally manifest itself in new taxes and regulations, as EU/ETS.  Suggest -- The environment seems to be a playground for governments to find new revenue streams via new regulations and taxes such as EU ETS. What are the effects of these taxes and regulations? Do they reduce emissions or do they have the opposite effect? Many of these taxes are centered on emissions – is that the correct route and how fast can the airlines get sufficient quantities of biofuels at an affordable price?

Panel invitees to include: EC, EPA/US Govt, Airlines (US/European/Asian/Latin America), A4A, Department of Agriculture

#2 - The Drive Toward More Efficient Infrastructure and Operations

Subject: Efficiency  improvements in operations is critical.  So far, programs like RNP, Aspire have moved efficiency in the right direction.  But are ATM programs delivering as promised? And are the future promises realistic?  How realistic are the goals of NextGen and SESAR and what type of political support and investment is necessary to make them happen? What factors will truly drive operational efficiencies?  How to ensure necessary and adequate reinvestment of funds in the aerospace industry?

Panel invitees to include: Airlines (US/European/Asian/Latin America), FAA, White House (has made a big play on NextGen being a top priority); Raytheon and other ATM/NextGen/SESAR system providers

#3 - The Technology Promise: A Holistic Industry Approach

Subject: Partnerships and Next Technology Milestones. What is industry R&D most focused on to achieve the global standards goals? What are the biggest technological challenges, the most promising research and test efforts? Which developments are likely to come to the fore in the next 5-10 years? What is industry doing collaboratively? Are there needs for more partnerships?

Panel invitees to include: AIA, Engine & Airframe & ATM Manufacturers. 

4# - Shaping the Global Environment Through Standards

Subject: How are all the emerging standards fitting into the ICAO framework?  What has happened to progress movement in the past 12 months?  What are the key developments and how have they impacted the market?  What’s the progress on a global framework? How does the Airline/Aerospace industry stack up against other industry greenhouse initiatives and what are the global trends?

Panel invitees to include: Airlines Europe/US/Asia/Latin America, ICAO, IATA, large and regional airframes, possibly a climate change advocate from outside the airline/aerospace industry for different industry perspective.

#5 - The Green Revolution as a Business Strategy

What does it mean to truly be a Green Airline or Airport? How does it drive boardroom thinking? Is it a customer differentiator? How can it become a revenue creator as well as an environmental compliance?

Panel invitees to include: Airlines US/Asia/Europe/Latin America; IATA, Airports

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