Embraer on Sunday told journalists at the Dubai Airshow that the company is “no longer at this moment thinking about developing a larger jet … we don’t see a very strong business case.” However, it noted that “some of our customers are asking us to increase the size of the [E]195.” The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer will instead focus on re-engining the E-Jet, which it dubbed the E-Jet EV. “We don’t know yet if we are going to do two, three or four models,” Embraer said.

Though GE powers all four of its E-Jet types, Embraer also revealed it has talked to Pratt & Whitney, CFM International and Rolls-Royce.

Separately, the manufacturer noted that it has 65 orders from nine operators in six Middle Eastern countries, representing 74% of the 30-120 seat jet market share in the region.