Boeing 737 Max. Courtesy, Boeing

CFM International said at the Dubai Airshow that Boeing has selected its Leap-1B engine as the “exclusive powerplant” for its new family of re-engined 737 Max aircraft. To date, Boeing has received commitments for more than 700 aircraft.

“CFM and Boeing have been working for several years to evaluate engine configurations for both re-engined, as well as potential new aircraft. Earlier this month, the two companies announced that the Leap-1B will have a 68-in. fan; during 2012, the engine design will be optimized for the new 737,” said CFM (ATW Daily News, Nov. 7). Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2017.

CFM president and CEO Jean-Paul Ebanga said, "This engine will provide unprecedented levels of efficiency and environmental responsibility while maintaining the legacy of aviation’s most reliable engine family.”