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Strategies of low cost airlines in emerging countries: The cases of Brazil and IStrategies of low cost airlines in emerging countries: The cases of Brazil and India [Paperback]
Over the last years, low cost business models have been developed in many industries and were subject of research of numerous authors. Although having taken place in a wide variety of businesses, the low cost phenomenon has had a special significance in the airline industry. With their slim cost structure and simple offer, certain low cost carriers have succeeded to outperform traditional airlines and to become important players of this industry, mainly in developed markets such as US and Europe. Emerging economies, as main drivers of future economic growth, are attractive territories to be explored by low cost airlines.
Looking Beyond the RunwayLooking Beyond the Runway
The global airline industry, facing significant changes and discontinuity is prompted and forced to deal with a 'new normal'. Who would have imagined a few years ago that: a significant percentage of consumers in the US now prefer to fly low-cost airlines instead of full-service airlines because they perceive the product to be better, airlines would generate up to a third of their total income from non-ticket revenue, many low-cost airlines would add complexity to their original simple business models through the development of code-share agreements, the use of global distribution systems, and travel agents to distribute their seats, or Jetstar, a low-cost subsidiary of Qantas, would grow faster and be more profitable than its parent.
Concorde: The Ultimate Photographic History (Hardcover)Concorde: The Ultimate Photographic History (Hardcover)
Concorde is the world's most famous passenger transport aircraft and an icon of 20th century design. When British Airways and Air France withdrew their Concordes from revenue service in 2003 it marked the end of a unique era in supersonic air travel. In this full-color tribute to Concorde, Jonathan Falconer has scoured private collections, company archives and picture libraries to bring together a stunning selection of photographs portraying Concorde, from its ground-breaking first flights in 1969, through the glory days with British Airways and Air France, to its swansong in 2003. Many of these photographs are previously unpublished.
Flying Off Course IV: Airline economics and marketing [Paperback]Flying Off Course IV: Airline economics and marketing [Paperback]
The airline industry presents an enigma. High growth rates in recent decades have produced only marginal profitability. This book sets out to explain, in clear and simple terms, why this should be so. It provides a unique insight into the economics and marketing of international airlines.
The Passenger has Gone Digital and MobileThe Passenger has Gone Digital and Mobile
Technology is changing expectations in the airline industry. Passengers want to be in control, and they expect airlines to become solution providers and aggregators of value, to provide them with personalized services. Airline employees expect to be given the tools to do their jobs and to meet passenger expectations. Airline executives expect to make returns that are reasonable and relatively stable through business cycles. All of these expectations can be met by airlines through the effective and efficient leveraging of information and technology, to shift from being operations- and product-centric to becoming customer-centric and dramatically improving the overall passenger travel experience throughout the travel cycle.
Aircraft Finance: Strategies for Managing Capital Costs in a Turbulent IndustryAircraft Finance: Strategies for Managing Capital Costs in a Turbulent Industry
Perhaps no worldwide industry has gone through a more turbulent decade than the airline industry. Now more than ever, it is critically important to develop a methodology that estimates an aircraft's value and determines efficient utilization to ensure an acceptable rate of return on this most-important asset. Aircraft Finance provides a comprehensive review of aircraft finance and valuation and presents a detailed methodology for accurate valuations. The methodology measures return on investment, improves the efficiency of managing operating costs, and more effectively determines revenue analysis.
Airline Operations & Delay Management [Hardcover]Airline Operations & Delay Management [Hardcover]
Airline Operations and Delay Management fills a gap within the area of airline schedule planning by addressing the close relationships between network development, economic driving forces, schedule demands and operational complexity. The pursuit of robust airline scheduling and reliable airline operations is discussed in light of the future trends of airline scheduling and technology applications in airline operations. The book extensively explores the subject from the perspectives of airline economics, airline network development and airline scheduling practices.
The Global Airline Industry (Aerospace Series (PEP)) (Hardcover)The Global Airline Industry (Aerospace Series (PEP)) (Hardcover)
In today's rapidly changing air transport environment, the aviation professionals require access to advanced and comprehensive knowledge, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the needs of the airline industry. Drawing on the editors' extensive experience with airline and air transport issues, The Global Airline Industry provides a definitive introduction to our air transportation system. Featuring contributors from 3 different continents, all affiliated to MIT's Global Airline Industry Program, this book's unique and holistic perspective is allied with detailed coverage of
Air Transport in the 21st Century [Hardcover]Air Transport in the 21st Century [Hardcover]
Airlines are buffeted by fluctuating political and economic landscapes, ever-changing competition, technology developments, globalization, increasing deregulation and evolving customer requirements. As a consequence all sectors of the air transport industry are in a constant state of flux.
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