Cargo Airline of the Year - Winners


2014    none
2013    none
2012    none
2011    none
2010    none
2009    UPS Airlines
2008    none
2007    Emirates SkyCargo
2006    none
2005    Cargolux
2004    none
2003    Korean
2002    Lufthansa Cargo
2001    Volga-Dnepr
2000    Emirates
1998    none
1997    Cargolux
1996    Atlas Air
1995    none
1994    none
1993    20 years issue
1992    American
1991    none
1990    none
1989    none
1988    none
1987    Federal Express
1986    none
1985    none
1984    none
1983    none
1982    Emery
1981    JAL
1980    American
1979    KLM
1978    Flying Tigers
1977    Federal Express
1976    Northwest
1975    Flying Tigers
1974    Lufthansa


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Mar 21, 2017

Casting a cloud over a movie star & a little boy sharing carrot juice

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Mar 21, 2017

Trying to make sense of the new TSA electronics ban

I flew to Abu Dhabi for a short work trip in January and, if I’m honest, I found the security and screening processes at that airport ahead of my flight back to Washington DC a bit annoying. However, given today’s announcement about new US security rules for flights from that airport and nine others, most of them also in the Middle East, the focus of my annoyance has changed....More
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