Aug 03, 2015

Cecil Honor Roll call for airlines that ban animal trophies

If you’ve been following the news at all recently then you will be familiar with a Zimbabwe lion called Cecil and his fate. It’s not my place in this column to comment on that incident and the resulting outrage against the American who killed Cecil, but I would like to start an honor roll for those airlines that have banned the shipment....More
Jul 29, 2015

US airlines’ 2Q earnings roundup

US airlines continue to control costs and prudently manage capacity....More
Jul 15, 2015

20:20 hindsight

Europe’s oldest low-cost carrier, Ryanair, has just celebrated its 30th birthday in strong health and with many bright years ahead, but things could have played out very differently....More
Jul 24, 2015

4,000 mph Cruise

Cruising at 4,000 mph—Artist’s concept shows a passenger airliner of the future capable of flying 5,750 statute miles at hypersonic cruise speeds of about 4,000 mph....More

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