Karen Walker

Executive Editor , Air Transport World

Karen Walker is Editor-in-Chief at Air Transport World. She joined the magazine in that position in August 2013 and oversees the editorial content and direction of ATW’s digital, print, data and events products.
Previous positions include Chief Editor at Armed Forces Journal, Americas’ Editor at Air Transport Intelligence, and Executive Editor at Airline Business.
Karen studied in the UK, earning a degree in journalism. She is a dual citizen of the UK and USA and has lived and worked in both countries as well as in Singapore, where she was Asia Editor for Flight International.
Karen lives in Alexandria, VA., with her husband, Graham, and their rescue hounds and cats. She is a volunteer with Brood Basset Rescue and SPCA of Northern Virginia.

Posts by Karen Walker

in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 26, 2015

Another media frenzy, but it's still bunkum

Today's news on the Germanwings A320 crash is shocking, tragic, and will have long-term effects on the air transport industry....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 24, 2015

Media in a spin of shame

Today’s news that a Germanwings A320 has crashed in France, with no survivors expected among the 150 passengers and crew, is tragic....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 17, 2015

Accusations over Gulf carriers finally becomes a debate

The furor over alleged Gulf carrier subsidies and Open Skies compliance got a thorough airing today at the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation 14th....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 07, 2015

MH370 one year on: Never give up on finding the answers

We are now one year on from when Malaysia Airlines MH370 disappeared from radar early in its scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and then....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 05, 2015

In Open Skies war game, Gulf carriers 3: US carriers 0

Today, after two years of “investigation” and a largely behind-closed-doors campaign (apart from the Delta CEO’s unfortunate CNN interview), the....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Feb 27, 2015

Moments missed if you weren’t at the ATW 41st Achievement Awards

As always, a great time was enjoyed Wednesday evening as the ATW publisher and editors hosted the 41st Annual Industry Achievement Awards in....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Feb 19, 2015

Delta’s terrorist apology is not enough

Delta CEO Richard Anderson’s unfortunate comment on CNN on the UAE and 9/11 terrorists shows the dangers of the slippery slope he has put himself on....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Feb 16, 2015

Why UAS is a misnomer and airliners must come first in rulemaking

The reality of unmanned aerial systems – or UAS - is that’s it’s a misnomer – there is always a ‘man’ (or woman) behind an ‘unmanned’ system, and....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Feb 12, 2015

Brussels Airlines launches “Africa is not Ebola” campaign and maintains a proud airline tradition

Brussels Airlines, the ‘little airline that could’ with an heroic effort during the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa, has launched a campaign it....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jan 30, 2015

Qatar & IAG: Shifting sands in the global reach of the Gulf carriers

Today’s announcement that Qatar Airways has acquired a 9.99% stake in British Airways/Iberia parent company International Airlines Group (IAG) is an....More

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