Karen Walker

Executive Editor , Air Transport World

Karen Walker is ATW’s Editor-in-Chief. She had been covering the aerospace industry for almost 30 years. She has specialist knowledge in training, simulation, safety and aeropolitics.

Posts by Karen Walker

in ATW Editor's Blog Sep 09, 2013

Thai's Black Tie Event

An interesting quirk to the Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 landing accident at Bangkok Airport. It appears the airline rapidly dispatched a crane and....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Sep 03, 2013

Airlines: Beware disgruntled passengers bearing promoted tweets

A potential new trend called the promoted tweet, which is essentially a paid-for tweet, has important implications for airlines and customer service....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Aug 30, 2013

AA/US Air lawsuit hearing date: Chalk one up to the airlines

Today’s decision by the US District Court judge who will try the Department of Justice versus American Airlines/US Airways antitrust lawsuit....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Aug 27, 2013

Aviation’s Day in Court

Here is a preview of the September ATW magazine editorial: On Feb. 14, US Airways and American Airlines announced their Valentine’s pact to merge. On....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Aug 13, 2013

DOJ’s antitrust lawsuit against American-US Airways merger is preposterous

A few quick takes on today’s shock announcement by the US Department of Justice that it has filed a lawsuit to block the proposed merger of American....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Aug 12, 2013

Hyperloop or just Hype?

South African-born, US-based entrepreneur Elon Musk is making the headlines, this time for a paper he released today outlining a proposal for a new....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Aug 06, 2013

Former TSA chief makes case for security changes; but would they get airline support?

Interesting opinion article by former TSA chief Kip Hawley on CNN in which he makes a strong case for changes that are needed at the agency. Hawley’s....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 22, 2013

Aircraft evacuations, bags and social media

Something has struck me about the images that have come out of two recent aircraft incidents that involved emergency evacuations - the tragic Asiana....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 10, 2013

Stick to the facts

ALPA’s statement this week that NTSB investigators are prematurely releasing operational data on Asiana flight 214 was met with a curt response from....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 04, 2013

On a collision course?

When Congress, US consumer groups and general media get on their soapboxes to complain about airlines, here is where they should really focus their....More

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