Karen Walker

Executive Editor , Air Transport World

Karen Walker is ATW’s Editor-in-Chief. She had been covering the aerospace industry for almost 30 years. She has specialist knowledge in training, simulation, safety and aeropolitics.

Posts by Karen Walker

in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 23, 2014

Delta CEO talks about his Tel Aviv decision and his carrier’s “higher duty of care”

In an interview today on US station CNBC, Delta Air Lines’ CEO Richard Anderson talks about his airline’s decision to suspend flights to Tel Aviv....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 18, 2014

Airlines can take the high road on MH17 via airshow boycott

If, as now seems likely, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and the 295 people on board were casualties of war, then this is tragically not the first time....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 17, 2014

MH17: The unthinkable happens

The entire air transport industry as well as the traveling public is in shock today as we come to terms with the second catastrophic loss of a Boeing....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 08, 2014

You’ve gotta love the Spirit Airlines’ spirit; even if you’d rather eat glass

n one of the smartest marketing campaigns this year, US ultra-low cost carrier Spirit Airlines has launched a “hug the haters” promotion....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jul 02, 2014

World Cup, Emirates and world dominance

Heck, I so wanted to see the US soccer team (that’s football in real-speak) get through to the FIFA World Cup quarter finals. But none of us get what....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jun 12, 2014

Flying on the Airbus A350 XWB

A very special day today. Yesterday, I explained that I am in Toulouse attending Airbus’ annual innovation event to brief journalists from around the....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Jun 11, 2014

Leahy delivers bad news

Airbus’ top salesman, COO, customers, John Leahy, is more than familiar with the media limelight. But his typical role is to deliver good news of....More
in ATW Editor's Blog May 19, 2014

Stunning storm cell video

All you pilots and cloud watchers (my favorite pastime on flights – always far more captivating than any Hollywood movie); take a look at this....More
in ATW Editor's Blog May 14, 2014

The real reason US flight cancellations are at a 20-year high

News today from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics that 4.58% of US carrier flights were cancelled during the first quarter of 2014, the....More
in ATW Editor's Blog May 05, 2014

China’s immigration and customs process bests US international airports

I’m on work travel that is taking me from my Washington DC base to Germany and China. Though I travel a lot, even I was amazed at the swiftness and....More

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