Karen Walker

Executive Editor , Air Transport World

Karen Walker is Editor-in-Chief at Air Transport World. She joined the magazine in that position in August 2013 and oversees the editorial content and direction of ATW’s digital, print, data and events products.
Previous positions include Chief Editor at Armed Forces Journal, Americas’ Editor at Air Transport Intelligence, and Executive Editor at Airline Business.
Karen studied in the UK, earning a degree in journalism. She is a dual citizen of the UK and USA and has lived and worked in both countries as well as in Singapore, where she was Asia Editor for Flight International.
Karen lives in Alexandria, VA., with her husband, Graham, and their rescue hounds and cats. She is a volunteer with Brood Basset Rescue and SPCA of Northern Virginia.

Posts by Karen Walker

in ATW Editor's Blog May 24, 2016

Dulles to Hamburg, hassle-free and bag delivered

The first leg started and finished well. Bag drop-off at Washington Dulles was a breeze – I had checked in online, walked right up to the counter and....More
in ATW Editor's Blog May 20, 2016

If It’s Tuesday it must be Barcelona, but where will Karen’s bag be?

On Sunday I depart for a two-week work trip that involves seven airports, six countries, five hotels, four airlines and three different work events,....More
in ATW Editor's Blog May 12, 2016

Congress’ colander case for solving long airport security lines

Each time I think political meddling in how airlines run their business cannot get any worse or more ridiculous, one of our elected lawmakers proves....More
in ATW Editor's Blog May 05, 2016

Norwegian becomes the new “Gulf” target in the transatlantic battle

Perhaps not surprisingly, last month’s announcement by the US Department of Transportation that Norwegian Air International (NAI) should be granted a....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Apr 18, 2016

DOT’s decision on Norwegian scores one for competition & Open Skies, finally

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) decision to give tentative permission for Norwegian Air International (NAI) to serve the US, more than two....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Apr 15, 2016

Dave Barger a most worthy recipient of the Pogue Award

Cool as they are, I often argue that aircraft are not the most important or interesting assets of an airline. What really makes the global air....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Apr 13, 2016

Post Brussels attacks, some need lesson in decency & decorum

The March 22 terrorist attacks on Brussels Airport and the city’s metro system were sickening. It beggars belief, therefore, to record two events....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 31, 2016

Virgin America: Why Alaska might be the better fit

Yesterday I wrote some initial thoughts on potential outcomes if, as widely reported but not confirmed, Virgin America is talking to potential buyers....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 30, 2016

If Virgin America is for sale, would a deal be allowed?

The potential prospect of Virgin America being merged with either Alaska Airlines or JetBlue Airways, as was widely reported yesterday, is intriguing....More
in ATW Editor's Blog Mar 22, 2016

Life at 20,000ft and why you should choose a window seat

Tuesday was another routine day and yet a unique day in my work life. At 5.30 am I woke to news of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. As it involved....More