George Hamlin

Contributing Writer

George Hamlin has been working in the airline and aerospace industries for more than 40 years and following them for even longer than that, dating back to the days when observation decks were almost a requirement at airports.

In his professional career, he’s worked for two airlines, TWA and Texas International; two aerospace companies, Lockheed and Airbus North America; and since 1996 has been a consultant to the industry.

He holds a BA in economics and political science from Washington & Lee University and an MS in transportation from Northwestern University, where his thesis topic was the airline fleet planning process.

George has also been documenting the industry photographically since 1969, and has contributed airline photos to a diverse set of entities, including his participation in ATW’s annual “Classic Airliners” calendar.

Posts by George Hamlin

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Wright Stuff

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Changing Fleet Loyalties

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