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Aug 01, 2016

Family Portrait: The Lockheed Perspective

From Lockheed Burbank Around 1952....More
Jul 22, 2016

The Convair 990 had a Short Life

The Convair 990 was a stretch of the Convair 880 that American Airlines requested....More
Jun 30, 2016

I am only the piano player2

The airlines of the world have tried very hard to keep passengers occupied while flying long distances....More
May 19, 2016

Speaking of elections ...1

This picture of Senator John F. Kennedy (D-Massachusets) was taken in September 1960 in Alaska....More
Apr 21, 2016

American Beauty

American Airlines turned 90 years old April 15....More
Mar 24, 2016

Trump trumped3

For a very short period of time, billionaire Donald Trump—the Republican front-runner in the race to the White House—also tried to become an airline....More
Mar 04, 2016

You've Come a Long Way, Baby3

The rollout of the Embraer 120 Brasilia took place in early 1983 at the company's São José dos Campos, Brazil, factory....More
Jan 06, 2016

SST Fame

Concorde test pilot Andre Turcat died Jan. 4, 2016, at the age of 94, at his home in Aix-En-Provence. Turcat flew the maiden flight of the....More
Nov 24, 2015

American History

As American Airlines rolls out aircraft in the Heritage series, I am fascinated by all the AA predecessors, their logos and paint over the years....More
Oct 19, 2015

’70s Style

Ecuatoriana purchased Boeing 707s and had them painted in these beautiful, abstract and very colorful paint scheme....More
Sep 24, 2015

Northwest Airlines 747 and more4

This spectacular shot of a Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-200 was taken at Tokyo's Narita International Airport by ATW friend and photographer Rob....More
Sep 01, 2015

Brazilian Beauty3

Above is a Varig Boeing 747-300, this shot taken by Rob Finlayson at LAX. ....More
Aug 11, 2015

James P. Woolsey6

James P. Woolsey, ATW’s former editor in chief and associate publisher passed away Aug. 4, 2015. His contribution to Air Transport World magazine....More
Jul 24, 2015

4,000 mph Cruise

Cruising at 4,000 mph—Artist’s concept shows a passenger airliner of the future capable of flying 5,750 statute miles at hypersonic cruise speeds of....More
Jul 08, 2015

Qantas—95 years old1

At top is the Qantas office in 1921, one year after the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd. was formed....More
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