Southwest becomes brunt of jokes over wrong airport landing


Southwest takes public relations hit.

Southwest Airlines, which usually enjoys a pretty good reputation in the US, is taking a public relations hit over one of its Boeing 737-700s landing at the wrong airport in Missouri over the weekend. Comedians are taking aim.

Here’s a sampling from Tonight Show host Jay Leno:       

Opening Tuesday’s show, which is based in Los Angeles, Leno said, “Our audience tonight is made up of Southwest passengers who were supposed to land in San Francisco.”

He noted that “Southwest says it flies to 96 destinations. That means your flight could land at any one of those.”

Leno added there is a “new, exciting reality show coming on about Southwest Airlines called Project Wrong Runway.”

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on Jan 22, 2014

Joke all they want, but the crew made a mistake and atoned for it by a safe landing. I would have no qualms about flying with these pilots. Many years of service, thousands of safe flights are the things people should remember about this crew.

on Jan 23, 2014

This is just the latest in a long series of errors and incidents, indicative of an operation that puts safety #2, speed #1. Wrong airport, slamming a 737 onto the ground in LGA, landing long in MDW and crashing through a fence (one death I believe). The flying public is very lucky Southwest hasn't killed more of us. As a pilot with 20,000+ hours, I can tell you that landing at the wrong airport takes a near-conscious effort of disregard.

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