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Jul 22, 2016

Political hurdles

Norwegian must be cursing the Brexit vote, having just opened its new UK headquarters close to London Gatwick Airport....More
Jul 06, 2016

Farnborough beckons

As the aviation world gears up for the Farnborough Airshow, here are a few thoughts on what the show might bring....More
Jun 23, 2016

Europe divided

Looking around Europe right now, it’s hard to see anything other than fragmentation, with daily aviation strikes and the UK on the brink of deciding....More
Jun 08, 2016

Airbus A300 meets a watery end3

Turkey has deliberately sunk an old Airbus A300 in the Aegean Sea to create an artificial reef....More
May 26, 2016

Consistent inconsistency

It seems the only thing consistent about flying is inconsistency. When you never know what to expect, it takes its toll on trust....More
May 16, 2016

Breaking off the engagement1

Engagement seems to be a real buzz-word at the moment, but what if passengers don’t want to engage?....More
Apr 21, 2016

Customer choice6

Airbus is hoping passengers will seek out its Airspace cabin and proactively buy flights because they are operated by Airbus products, but how many....More
Jan 26, 2016

Europe’s 2016 crystal ball reading

Just as we hit ‘Back to the Future Day’ in 2015 without all the film’s futuristic innovations coming true, the reality of European air transport in....More
Dec 22, 2015

Christmas presence2

As a journalist, I receive some pretty wacky announcements, but Santa formally opening a set of airport restrooms takes this year’s festive top spot....More
Dec 02, 2015

O’Leary is still O’Leary1

Since Ryanair launched its Always Getting Better initiative, Michael O’Leary has been biting his tongue but occasionally his colorful spirit still....More
Nov 20, 2015

Technology gap

African airlines largely skipped internet distribution and went directly to mobile, but they have to get the basics right before adding more frills....More
Oct 29, 2015

An alternative safety demonstration

This is more than your run of the mill comedy cabin briefing; it’s an extremely elegant Emirates performance at Lisbon’s Estadio de Luz stadium....More
Oct 23, 2015

Strength in numbers

Five big airlines may make up 51% of the European market, but 136 smaller carriers account for the remaining 46% and they also have a voice....More
Oct 09, 2015

French revolution4

The English saying “to take the shirt from somebody’s back” took on a whole new meaning after tensions erupted between Air France and its unions....More
Sep 25, 2015

Routes 2015: African headwinds1

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. African carriers need to be realists, or....More
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