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Dec 04, 2015

ADS-B compliance and ATW’s 2016 Airline of the Year

Busy week at ATW with two major events. The first was our webinar on ADS-B OUT compliance by the FAA’s 2020 deadline....More
Nov 02, 2015

Atlanta-Dubai: Delta’s response20

The following letter was submitted to ATW by Delta Air Lines' chief legal officer in response to my blog on their decision to stop Atlanta-Dubai....More
Oct 28, 2015

The real reason Delta is pulling out of Dubai19

Delta Air Lines is back in the news again today, and this time it looks rather like route shenanigans....More
Oct 27, 2015

Delta’s Anderson marches to the beat of his own drum

True to form, Delta Air Lines’ CEO Richard Anderson continues to do things a little differently from the crowd....More
Oct 23, 2015

The brilliance in American’s reservation cutover1

Did you hear that? If you reply “what?”, then that’s the point. The world’s largest airline, American Airlines, completed the final and most....More
Oct 13, 2015

Governments failed those on board MH1710

The Dutch Safety Board report today on the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 is welcome in that it definitively states that the Boeing 777-200....More
Sep 28, 2015

Alaska shows how independent carriers are changing US transcontinental flying7

I flew from Washington Reagan to Portland Oregon yesterday on a direct, five-and-a-half hour flight with Alaska Airlines. It was an interesting and....More
Sep 10, 2015

Five priorities for the new United Airlines CEO15

New United Airlines president and CEO Oscar Munoz, who took up the post yesterday after Jeff Smisek stepped down, said he will spend his first 90....More
Sep 08, 2015

Smisek’s stunning news

Today’s announcement that United Airlines’ chairman, president and CEO Jeff Smisek has stepped down is stunning. There was no public sign of this....More
Aug 28, 2015

Wanted: New IATA DG; must travel - French & guitar skills an advantage1

The biggest question from today’s news that Tony Tyler will retire next year from his position as IATA director general is, who will succeed him?....More
Aug 27, 2015

One day; two sets of airline fortunes; and a chill breeze in Asia1

Posting the news today, it was hard not to contrast the different week that Airbus, Boeing and airlines from different global regions are....More
Aug 17, 2015

ATW Cecil Honor Roll now at 27 airlines around the world

I’ve been on work travel to New Zealand, but wanted to update you on the status of our Cecil Honor Roll for those airlines that have banned the....More
Aug 03, 2015

Cecil Honor Roll call for airlines that ban animal trophies2

If you’ve been following the news at all recently then you will be familiar with a Zimbabwe lion called Cecil and his fate. It’s not my place in this....More
Jul 31, 2015

United CEO plays fast and loose with facts in NY speech on Gulf carriers10

United CEO Jeff Smisek was practically punching the air yesterday in a hard-hitting speech in New York that focused mainly on the Gulf carriers,....More
Jul 24, 2015

US airline profits up; regulators on the witch hunt8

Airlines that are well managed and profitable are good for everyone. Good for the carriers and their employees, good for shareholders and also good....More
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