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Apr 15, 2016

Dave Barger a most worthy recipient of the Pogue Award1

Cool as they are, I often argue that aircraft are not the most important or interesting assets of an airline. What really makes the global air....More
Apr 13, 2016

Post Brussels attacks, some need lesson in decency & decorum10

The March 22 terrorist attacks on Brussels Airport and the city’s metro system were sickening. It beggars belief, therefore, to record two events....More
Mar 31, 2016

Virgin America: Why Alaska might be the better fit2

Yesterday I wrote some initial thoughts on potential outcomes if, as widely reported but not confirmed, Virgin America is talking to potential buyers....More
Mar 30, 2016

If Virgin America is for sale, would a deal be allowed?1

The potential prospect of Virgin America being merged with either Alaska Airlines or JetBlue Airways, as was widely reported yesterday, is intriguing....More
Mar 22, 2016

Life at 20,000ft and why you should choose a window seat3

Tuesday was another routine day and yet a unique day in my work life. At 5.30 am I woke to news of the terrorist attacks in Brussels. As it involved....More
Mar 08, 2016

Gordon’s alive, but not necessarily doing his best by United6

Former Continental Airlines CEO Gordon Bethune’s attack on United Airlines this week is troubling....More
Mar 07, 2016

Ex-Im, Airbus, Boeing & the Democratic debate

Somewhat surprisingly, Airbus and Boeing got inserted into the US election debate yesterday during the Democratic nomination debate....More
Mar 03, 2016

Cuba is a rare, hot-growth opportunity for US airlines

Large and significant as it is, the US domestic air transport market is essentially a mature market, growing at about 4-5% annually. Relative to....More
Feb 25, 2016

Embrace, don’t hate, your profitable airline5

US airline profitability is getting the industry a bad press. You’d think, in a capitalist society that resents government intervention and applauds....More
Feb 19, 2016

Why Air Canada’s CSeries deal is good news for all airlines6

Air Canada’s announcement this week that it intends to buy up to 75 CSeries aircraft is good news that extends beyond the airframe maker Bombardier....More
Jan 21, 2016

Screening Madness2

Heard the one about the IATA Director General who was subjected to secondary screening because he had a small umbrella in his carry-on case?....More
Jan 15, 2016

Welcome home Mr. Munoz!1

What a great photo posted by United today of CEO Oscar Munoz with his doctors as he prepared to return home following a heart transplant....More
Dec 31, 2015

2015’s big aviation moments; what 2016 could bring

As we welcome in a new year, I thought I would give a personalized recap on some of the most significant moments in the global air transport industry....More
Dec 29, 2015

Actor Crowe, surprised by airline hoverboard ban, may be a good thing2

Australian actor Russell Crowe is in the news this Christmas week after getting in a huff because he was not allowed to take check in his sons’....More
Dec 20, 2015

What do Donald Trump and Delta’s Anderson have in common?16

No, I don’t believe Richard Anderson is going to run for US President. The answer is controversy; both have been controversial figures in 2015. But....More
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