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Mar 15, 2014

MH370: Who, Why, How?

Today’s news from the Malaysia prime minister on the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 is the worst scenario. Unimaginably awful for the relatives of....More
Mar 11, 2014

MH370: Don’t credit the conspiracy theorists or the “experts”

For a modern airliner simply to disappear without trace for almost five days, as Malaysia Airlines MH370 has done, is extraordinary and unimaginably....More
Mar 08, 2014

Getting answers to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The terrible wait for more information on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a Boeing 777-200, continues. Little is known at this stage, but the sudden....More
Feb 20, 2014

Airlines should make the call on inflight phone calls

To understand how US Congress works these days, examine its attitude towards the use of cellular phone use during flight. In a show of rare....More
Jan 30, 2014

Europe’s pursuit of ETS is not green; it’s a fundraiser

The more Europe “stands its ground” – its term on aviation emissions taxes, the more ridiculous it looks, not to say downright unstatesmanlike....More
Jan 20, 2014

The subsidy yawn

Airbus and Boeing have renewed their public spat over subsidies. Yawn. Each side talks about leveling the playing field, legal versus illegal,....More
Jan 13, 2014

Oops! Right State, wrong airport; Southwest gives passengers a detour

Lots of raised eyebrows after a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 somehow ended up at the wrong Missouri airport Sunday evening....More
Jan 07, 2014

Air rage, winter storms and passenger rights

A couple of general news headlines have caught my attention. First there is this report by the BBC covering a preliminary hearing into an alleged air....More
Jan 01, 2014

Airline industry trend ins and outs

It’s January 1, 2014. With 2013 behind us (and beautifully summed up by my colleague Aaron Karp), please indulge your editor – and bring along a....More
Dec 18, 2013

On inflight cell phone use, Delta CEO makes the right call

Delta Air Lines has taken the bull by the horns and said it will not allow cellular calls or internet-based voice communications onboard its flights....More
Nov 26, 2013

When are you too big to be a global alliance partner?

Lufthansa Group’s intent to end the codeshare and frequent flyer arrangements that Lufthansa, Austrian and Swiss have with Turkish Airlines has....More
Nov 19, 2013

And at AAPA we had Fun, Fun, Fun

This year's Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) Assembly of Presidents conference was held in Hong Kong, with Dragonair its host airline....More
Nov 14, 2013

DOJ blinked because it had to

For reasons that may never be publicly acknowledged, the US Department of Justice came dangerously close to being exposed as a crowd-pleaser with....More
Oct 22, 2013

Bravo Delta! Profitable airlines benefit everyone

CEO Richard Anderson’s team at Delta Air Lines today reported a net profit of $1.37 billion for the third quarter, a truly spectacular achievement....More
Oct 17, 2013

EC's Hedegaard gives ICAO emissions agreement a poke in the eye

Just a few weeks ago, it was uncertain whether the almost 200 nations gathered in Montreal at the ICAO Assembly could achieve what has often seemed....More

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