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It’s January 1, 2014. With 2013 behind us (and beautifully summed up by my colleague Aaron Karp), please indulge your editor – and bring along a touch of humor – as I name my 10 picks for air transportation industry in and out trends. Feel free to dive in with comments or additions. Happy New Year!

OUT                                                               IN

Emirates                                                         New American

787                                                                  A350

Full-fare business                                          Premium economy

Ryanair                                                          EasyJet

Checkpoint of the Future                             Smart Security

Switching off PEDs                                       Gate-to-gate PEDs

Legacy GDSs                                                 NDC

Global alliance exclusivity                            Global alliance diversity

Military UAS                                                 Commercial UAS

Inflight cellphone bans                                 Inflight cellphone bans

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on Jan 3, 2014

Maybe I'm not well versed; but Emirates / American, B787 / A350 as well as Ryanair / EasyJet maybe predictions too far.

I particularly think that the death of Ryanair has been foretold too many times before. Yet, we still have it.

Michael O'Leary did not bring the airline to where it is out of stupidity, or a failure to prepare of the future.

I would add;
Qantas / Virgin Australia & perhaps Alitalia / Etihad Airways.

on Jan 7, 2014

i feel your predictions for Emirates /B787and Rayanair is too far but agree to all your ins and hope that I read an article in the ATW about the Global Alliance Diversity it is an attractive and important issue

on Jan 7, 2014

Thank you for your inputs! Just to clarify, there was, as I mentioned, a bit of a New Year tongue in cheek with this blog in that I was really commenting on what's "trendy" and what's "so last year" as opposed to a true "in" and "out". There's no question that Emirates, the 787 and Ryanair are all here to stay - for a long while. One thing's for sure, 2014 will be another interesting year.

on Jan 8, 2014

Thanks Karen for your reply which I appreciate .. actually your articles in the ATW are perfect and in the point I enjoy reading you

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