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Feb 25, 2016

Could Akbar Al Baker dump the GTF for the LEAP?3

Qatar Airways’ CEO threatens to “cancel the entire Pratt & Whitney order.”....More
Feb 14, 2016

Bob Fornaro’s plan for Spirit Airlines2

“Some of the criticism we’ve received is warranted ... We can smooth out some rough edges.”....More
Feb 03, 2016

Is it ‘insane’ for airlines to earn strong profits?7

American Airlines’ annual net profit is just $45.8 billion behind Apple’s most recent full-year net earnings....More
Jan 26, 2016

Very shaky start for anti-US ATC privatization coalition

“When you are arguing a case when you don’t know what it’s all about, it’s very hard.”....More
Jan 22, 2016

Oscar Munoz shows a lot of heart

Fifteen days after a heart transplant, Munoz was in the captain’s seat during United Airlines’ earnings call....More
Jan 14, 2016

Southwest beware: the meaning of Allegiant adding BWI

The profitable ULCC is staking a claim at Southwest Airlines’ US East Coast stronghold....More
Jan 06, 2016

US ULCC earthquake: Ben Baldanza out at Spirit Airlines3

Spirit—and the US ULCC sector—will move from the founding era to the competition era....More
Dec 24, 2015

MRJ delay is even worse news than it appears

If you’re an airline looking for a next-generation regional jet powered by geared turbofan engines, why would you choose the repeatedly delayed MRJ....More
Dec 21, 2015

A United Airlines CSeries order could be breakthrough Bombardier needs3

The airline is eyeing an order for as many as 50 aircraft in the 100-seat size range....More
Nov 23, 2015

Was the TAM merger a mistake for LAN?3

LATAM is a bet on the long-term future of Latin American commercial aviation....More
Nov 11, 2015

What does DOJ really want from its lawsuit against United and Delta?1

The way in which DOJ has framed the case seems to give Delta every incentive to abandon United....More
Nov 10, 2015

Jeff Smisek returns…in DOJ’s lawsuit against United3

DOJ is quoting Smisek to help buttress its case that United is “unlawfully seeking to maintain a monopoly” at Newark....More
Oct 29, 2015

One man is keeping Ex-Im closed8

By margins of 313-118 in the US House of Representatives and 64-29 in the US Senate, members of Congress have voted to reauthorize Ex-Im....More
Oct 23, 2015

American takes Spirit seriously

American Airlines is planning to roll out a new fare model next year to enable it to better compete against Spirit Airlines and other US ULCCs....More
Oct 15, 2015

Whatever happened to the 90-seat turboprop?4

There used to be a lot of talk about Bombardier and ATR launching large turboprops....More
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