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Jan 28, 2015

Maintaining capacity discipline1

“We’ve seen this movie many times in the industry,” Detla Air Lines CEO Richard Anderson said....More
Jan 07, 2015

Handicapping the Haneda derby

DOT is considering whether to reallocate Delta’s Seattle-Tokyo Haneda slot pair, setting off a clash between three US airlines....More
Dec 12, 2014

Rare good ‘shock’ for airlines1

“I quite frankly was taken by surprise by the decline in oil prices,” Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said....More
Nov 25, 2014

American’s Envoy problem5

Both American management and Envoy’s ALPA leadership admit that pilots are fleeing Envoy....More
Nov 05, 2014

Ben Baldanza can’t curb his enthusiasm1

Spirit has two things going for it: 1) there appears to be ample room to grow in the US ULCC sector & 2) Spirit is basically unopposed in that sector....More
Oct 20, 2014

More thoughts on Norwegian

The airline industry is generally reluctant to celebrate change until it knows for sure whether that change is going to be successful....More
Oct 08, 2014

Norwegian challenging legacy notions on transatlantic airfares2

“Why should it cost twice as much to fly from New York to Europe than from New York to Seattle?”....More
Sep 23, 2014

Gulf airlines take on ‘subsidy’ claim

“Government support comes in many ways,” Emirates president Tim Clark says....More
Sep 15, 2014

FAA reauthorization on the horizon

The last FAA reauthorization was an embarrassing saga of epic Washington dysfunction....More
Aug 21, 2014

Bombardier changes the messenger, but CSeries sales struggles to be a hard fix1

Bombardier’s latest move is replacing Philippe Poutissou, the company’s longtime head of commercial aircraft marketing....More
Jul 30, 2014

WestJet’s evolution: 767s, Encore, etc.

The low-cost carrier is not standing pat....More
Jul 24, 2014

Triple 777 disasters4

In the space of just 377 days, three 777s and 540 lives were lost in three of the most bizarre airline crashes ever....More
Jul 16, 2014

Farnborough Airshow: Re-engining trend gains momentum

Rolls-Royce president-civil large engines Eric Schulz: “The re-engine has become an important element of the future [airline] business.”....More
Jun 26, 2014

Asiana Flight 214: Five takeaways

NTSB determined that the primary probable cause of the accident was pilot error....More
Jun 16, 2014

Why did Emirates cancel A350s?1

Emirates did not cancel the order because its belief in the future potential of the air passenger market in the Middle East has dimmed....More

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