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Dec 19, 2017

Best laid plans…

Delta did everything right after its August 2016 system crash, but that didn't matter when ATL went dark....More
Dec 11, 2017

Should movie theaters disclose popcorn prices ‘up front’?

With DOT dropping proposed rules that would have required airlines to disclose bag fees 'up front,' there is a lot of finger wagging about 'hidden'....More
Dec 07, 2017

NAFTA Airlines

A Delta-WestJet tie-up could lead to the creation of a de facto trans-North American airline....More
Nov 22, 2017

Will lie-flat seats become standard on US transcon flights?

Delta has just added lie-flat seats on at least one daily flight on six more domestic routes....More
Nov 16, 2017

Alaska’s Cuba pullout signals death of US-Cuba air transport market

Alaska’s Los Angeles-Havana daily flight was a good litmus test for the viability of the US-Cuba market....More
Nov 08, 2017

Surveying the US mainline passenger airline landscape

Consolidation has whittled the US passenger airline business into 11 mainline carriers....More
Nov 06, 2017

Airlines need to master the art of the upsell

As airlines roll out product segmentation, upselling becomes a critical element of the air transport business....More
Oct 17, 2017

Airbus-Bombardier CSeries shocker: First thoughts

There will be much more to say about the blockbuster Airbus-Bombardier CSeries deal, in which Airbus will become the majority stakeholder in the....More
Oct 13, 2017

Basic economy is a success if it does NOT sell

The success of basic economy 'isn’t how many people buy it, but how many people don’t buy it.'....More
Sep 27, 2017

Why the Delta CSeries order is worth all the trouble for Bombardier

Bombardier believes Delta operating the CSeries will be the tipping point that puts the aircraft in high demand....More
Sep 21, 2017

FedEx’s Fred Smith puts e-commerce in perspective

The notion that there is an inexorable march toward e-commerce dominating retail is not borne out by analysis, Smith says....More
Sep 14, 2017

White House’s sloppy talk imperils ATC reform

White House support for Rep. Bill Shuster’s ATC reform plan presents a catch-22 for airlines....More
Aug 18, 2017

Dueling Dallas views of US airline industry

Is Doug Parker too optimistic? Is Gary Kelly too cautious?....More
Aug 08, 2017

Can a partial shutdown of FAA be avoided?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an FAA reauthorization bill including major ATC reform to pass the US Congress....More
Jul 07, 2017

Wait-and-see approach is still best on new US security requirements

The foundation is in place for the new standards to be problematic for airlines down the road....More
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