US Airways has received FAA certification on its widebody Airbus A330 aircraft for SafeRoute, a set of four flight deck applications that will provide enhanced operational safety and efficiency in all phases of flight as part of the FAA’s NextGen implementation program.

US Airways, which said it is the first airline to receive certification for the combination of all four of these applications, is in partnership with ACSS, an L-3 Communications & Thales Co.

“The certified SafeRoute suite of applications from ACSS that US Airways will install on its A330 aircraft uses Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology, which provides pilots with more precise position information of the operating aircraft and other airplane traffic and is a cornerstone technology for the FAA’s NextGen airspace redesign program. It also includes interval management, in-trail procedures, cockpit display of traffic information to assist in visual separation and surface area movement management,” US Airways said in a statement.