Aviation Carbon 2012

February 8th - 9th, 2012

Past Event:

Purchasing and Trading Strategies for Aircraft Operators

Aviation Carbon 2012 promises new insights into carbon trading for airlines and business jet operators. This two-day event will include presentations, workshops and discussion panels presented by experts covering everything an airline or business jet manager needs to know about carbon trading. It will be the place where operators meet carbon suppliers and traders to discuss EU ETS carbon purchasing possibilities and trading strategy.

Key topics will include:

  • EU ETS administrative issues: registry, accounting, pass-through & auctions
  • EU ETS financial risks
  • Estimate your emissions shortfall
  • Design your carbon trading strategy
  • EU ETS experience from stationary installations
  • The carbon markets: history, drivers & trends
  • Characteristics of carbon allowances (EUA, EUAA, CER & ERU)
  • The products available: spots, futures, forwards, options & swaps
  • The sourcing options: carbon markets, brokerage firms (OTC) & trading companies
  • The future of the Aviation EU ETS: EU vs. the rest of the world

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