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FAA calls for removal of certain Zodiac seats  2
FAA is calling for more than 10,000 Zodiac Aerospace seats to be removed from service, citing design flaws that could cause injury if a passenger was thrown forward during a high-impact incident.
Southwest Airlines 737-800
Southwest posts record 1Q net income, revenues 
Southwest Airlines, bolstered by continued low fuel prices and record first-quarter revenue, posted record first-quarter net income of $511 million, up 13% year-over-year.
Boeing Commercial delivers solid 2Q as demand remains strong 
Boeing remains confident that it will not have to cut its 777 production rate as part of the transition to the 777X and maintains that overall demand for its commercial aircraft line continues to be rock-solid, dismissing unevenness that saw first-half orders lag behind deliveries.
North American re-fleeting to bring MRO technological changes 
The massive re-fleeting underway in North America will keep the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) aftermarket growth rate nearly flat for the next decade.
A350 MSN002
Airbus eyes major role in A350 aftermarket support; first customer imminent 
Airbus, aiming to become a “major” player in A350 aftermarket support, is poised to announce its first long-term agreement with an A350 customer and is in talks with several more, a company executive said.
EASA eyes ground service handling rules, sharing among state CAA staffs 
Europe’s aviation regulations may expand to cover ground handling service providers and could permit countries to pool resources for highly technical tasks like certification and continued airworthiness, a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) opinion on how its rules should evolve suggests.
Southwest probing maintenance tracking issue behind missed inspections 
Southwest Airlines is investigating why a required inspection interval in its routine maintenance program was left out of its maintenance tracking system, causing it to miss deadlines for checking backup hydraulic systems on 128 Boeing 737s.
Flat FAA budget request seeks to balance current needs, NextGen 
FAA’s $15.83 billion budget request for Fiscal Year 2016 (FY16) seeks to patch holes created by chronic under-investment and the 2013 sequestration while funding what the agency calls a “continued, but measured” path forward.
Virgin America A320
Pay raises, fuel hedges to boost Virgin America’s 2015 costs 
San Francisco-based Virgin America has revealed that pay raises for most employees and above-market fuel hedges through the second quarter will push its 2015 costs above previous estimates.
Bathymetric survey as of Oct. 27
Underwater mapping done, MH370 search set to intensify  2
The search for signs of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) is set to accelerate in the coming days, as a third vessel transitions from survey work to searching the vast seafloor area that has been mapped out and surveyed, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said.
US to press countries on Ebola response efforts 
The US, working to track down passengers on one flight that included a person who tested positive for Ebola, will pressure counterparts in several countries to step up efforts to help mitigate the outbreak’s reach, President Barack Obama said Wednesday.
Controllers return to work at FAA’s Chicago Center 
FAA’s Chicago En Route Center came back online early Monday morning, ending a 17-day outage that required creative approaches such as the use of adjacent facilities to maintain traffic flow and led FAA to stand up a review of air traffic center interruption-contingency plans.
Etihad Boeing 787-9 in new livery
Etihad shows off first 787; confirms first six routes 
Etihad Airways has debuted its first Boeing 787 Saturday in its just-introduced new livery and confirmed plans to deploy the type on six routes linking its Abu Dhabi hub and three continents by mid-2015.
FAA: Flights into Chicago area at ‘reduced rate’ 
Flights into FAA’s Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center (ZAU) airspace were moving at a “reduced rate” early Friday afternoon as the agency, airlines, and area airports coped with the en-route center’s closing following an early morning incident.
Engine ebris suspected to have fallen to the ground after a bird strike
FAA, wildlife experts pitching new bird strike risk metric 
Wildlife mitigation experts are working with FAA to develop a new basic standard for calculating bird-strike risk at airports that would replace the decades-old measurement of strikes per 10,000 movements.
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