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Shuster offers bizjet enticements to US ATC reform bill 
The head of the US House transport committee has amended his proposed air traffic control (ATC) reform bill in a bid to make it more palatable to skeptics.
FAA headquarters.
Congress extends FAA through March 2018, averts shutdown 
Proponents of moving US air traffic control (ATC) out of FAA and into a nongovernment, nonprofit entity are looking for a significant victory in October following Congress extending the agency's authorization through March 2018, averting a partial shutdown.
FAA still could face shutdown following House vote 
US lawmakers are bumping up to the deadline for extending the FAA’s authorization, after a controversial bill passed the House of Representatives Sept. 28, but still faced an almost equally uncertain chance of becoming law.
FAA reauthorization could be extended through March 31 
The FAA could be reauthorized through an extension of its current authority through March 31, according to language in a potential bill brewing in the US House of Representatives.
US lawmakers debate FAA extension; Shuster bill hanging 
US lawmakers are debating how long after Oct. 1 to extend the current FAA authorization, with some senators and House Democrats seeking six months while a leading House Republican is believed to be pushing for less.
UTC-Rockwell deal may depend on Boeing concessions 
The fate of United Technologies Corp.’s proposed $30 billion takeover of avionics and cabin interiors leader Rockwell Collins could rest on savings that the newly enlarged supplier provides to all-important customer Boeing.
Analysts: Boeing 777 program at risk from Middle East challenges 
A structural slowdown in business for the top three Middle East airlines could put their commercial aircraft order backlogs at risk for cancellations or deferrals, a new Morgan Stanley analysis concludes.
Industry reacts to UTC’s bid to acquire Rockwell Collins 
If perception is reality, then avionics and cabin interiors leader Rockwell Collins is “in play” to be acquired, with multi-industrial conglomerate United Technologies Corp. (UTC) the first contender.
Air traffic controller Emil Watson in the control tower at Miami International A
US House transportation chair defends legality of ATC proposal 
A proposal by US House Republicans to privatize the US air traffic control (ATC) system appears to be mostly constitutional, although there could be causes for legal challenges, according to a new report from nonpartisan congressional researchers.
Boeing invests in AI company 
Boeing is investing in artificial intelligence (AI) specialist SparkCognition, the manufacturer announced Monday.
Air traffic controller Emil Watson in the control tower at Miami International
US House transportation chairman introduces ATC privatization bill 
US House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania) on June 21 introduced a new bill that features a revised and supposedly friendlier approach to moving air traffic control (ATC) out of the FAA and into a federally chartered, non-profit organization.
CS100 in Delta Air Lines’ livery
US trade commission backs Boeing complaint against Bombardier 
As expected, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) voted unanimously June 9 to allow a Boeing’s antidumping complaint against Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier to continue toward finding compensatory duties.
Airbus, Boeing both claim victory in latest WTO ruling 
Rival large commercial aircraft (LCA) manufacturers Airbus and Boeing both claimed minor victories June 9 after the latest World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling in their ongoing legal battle over improper government subsidies.
Canada, Bombardier counter Boeing’s complaints about CSeries 
The Canadian government, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is pushing back against allegations by Boeing that Bombardier has engaged in unfair “dumping” of aircraft in the US market.
ALPA wants aviation exemption to Trump’s regulatory rollback 
The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) wants US President Donald Trump to exempt aviation safety and security rules from his administration’s new, so-called “two-for-one” deregulation effort.
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