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Karen Walker is Editor-in-Chief at Air Transport World. She joined the magazine in that position in August 2013 and oversees the editorial content and direction of ATW’s digital, print, data and events products.

Previous positions include Chief Editor at Armed Forces Journal, Americas’ Editor at Air Transport Intelligence, and Executive Editor at Airline Business.

Karen studied in the UK, earning a degree in journalism. She is a dual citizen of the UK and USA and has lived and worked in both countries as well as in Singapore, where she was Asia Editor for Flight International.

Karen lives in Alexandria, VA., with her husband, Graham, and their rescue hounds and cats. She is a volunteer with Brood Basset Rescue and SPCA of Northern Virginia.

Analysis: Cabin PED ban may boost security at safety's expense
US and UK security rules banning computers from cabins raise fire safety concerns.
American Airlines Boeing 787-8
American pilots & flight attendants to get peer-standard pay raises
American Airlines is offering mid-term pay raises to its pilots and flight attendants so they are compensated in line with their peers at Delta Air Lines and United Airlines—a voluntary move almost unprecedented in US airline labor history.
United Airlines Embraer E175
United CEO tells senators flight 3411 ‘will never happen again’ 
United Airlines’ CEO has provided US lawmakers with a detailed account of events leading up to and during the incident that notoriously ended up with a passenger being brutally dragged off an aircraft to make way for a United regional airline employee.
Airbus reaps innovation from yacht design project 
The America’s Cup in June brings together maritime sportsmen and aeronautical engineers to create high-speed yachts that are designed to fly.
Editorial: United Airlines—Brand on life support
The United incident, and the highly damaging video that consumed social media and TV screens, dealt a huge setback not just to the United brand, but to the wider industry’s reputation.
United pilots union ‘infuriated’ over violence by Chicago officers
United Airlines pilots are “infuriated” by the bumped passenger event, which should not have escalated into a violent encounter, the union representing them says in a statement.
Editorial: United Airlines: Brand on life support
Explaining why it took him two days to issue a full apology for the bumped passenger incident that shocked the world, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz said he was waiting for the facts. One fact should have been immediately clear; the brand was in grave danger.
United’s Munoz issues full apology for bumped passenger incident
Just hours after commending employees and saying they followed proper procedure, United Airlines’ CEO has issued a full apology for the incident in which a bumped passenger was violently dragged off an aircraft.
Libyan traveler packs his laptop in a suitcase at Tunis Carthage airport.
FAA issued safety bulletin on PEDs after US carry-on ban
FAA has issued a safety information bulletin related to the new security bans on most personal electronics in carry-on bags on certain flights, but is not making that bulletin public, ATW learned today.
Kuwaiti social media activist Thamer al-Dakheel Bourashed
EASA issues fire safety warning on personal electronics in cargo hold
In a bulletin that seems to directly question the wisdom of the new US and UK bans on large electronic devices in carry-on luggage, Europe’s aviation safety authority today warns that such devices are “dangerous goods” in the cargo hold.
Australia starts extra screening process for UAE and Qatar flights
Australia is requiring extra screening measures at boarding gates of flights to Australia from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha airports, but is not banning passengers from carrying onboard their electronic devices.
AACO chief calls for clarification on electronics carry-on ban
The head of the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) is urging ICAO to seek clarification on the nature of the threat that prompted the US and UK ban on electronics in the cabin.
AAPA: Asian airlines feel effect of cabin electronics ban 
Asian carriers are being affected by the US and UK cabin electronics ban even though the new security rules do not target their home hubs or countries.
Airline of the Year: American Airlines 
In bringing together American Airlines and US Airways, the company’s leaders knew it would be the world’s biggest airline. They also wanted it to be the best.
Editorial: The Cuban conundrum
The US-Cuba commercial aviation market has gone from hot to lukewarm in the six months since it reopened after more than 50 years.
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US mainline-regional system likely contributed to bumping incident

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Munoz’s apology may not be enough

Let’s start with today’s good news for United. The CEO issued a full apology for the awful bumped-then-dragged passenger incident, took full responsibility and promised a full review of the company’s crew transport and over-booking procedures....More
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