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Boeing starts first flight test 777-9 production 
Assembly of Boeing’s 777X flagship twinjet officially started Oct. 23 when a robotic drilling machine commenced work on the first production wing spar for the initial flight test 777-9 at the company’s revamped spar assembly building in Everett, Washington.
Boeing 787-8 production line in Everett, Washington
Boeing to step up 787 production rate 
Boeing has confirmed it will step up production of the 787 to 14 per month in 2019, as it trusts both its existing backlog as well as forecasts of a coming wave in widebody orders toward the end of the decade.
Boeing establishes avionics arm 
Boeing is creating a new avionics organization as part of the company’s drive to increase internal capability and reduce cost.
NASA’s plan to fly a low-boom X-plane in 2021
Boom urges early US supersonic standard 
Supersonic-airliner startup Boom Technology believes sufficient research has been conducted for FAA to set a reasonable sonic boom standard that would allow civil supersonic flight over US land within a few years.
Boeing reveals potential timeline if middle-market aircraft is launched 
Boeing outlined the design of its projected new midsize airplane (NMA), or middle of the market aircraft, but is keeping the details close to its chest as it waits for the expected response from Airbus.
CFM hints at possible geared fan engine for middle of market aircraft 
CFM International has hinted that a new engine architecture with a gear-driven fan is among the various concepts under consideration for Boeing’s potential new midsize airplane (NMA), or middle of the market aircraft.
CFM to add 800 engines to production plan 
Driven by increased orders for Airbus, Boeing and COMAC aircraft, CFM International plans to add an extra 800 CFM56 and LEAP engines to its already bulging production plan between 2018 and 2020.
Preliminary design review completed for ‘Baby Boom’ demonstrator 
Startup supersonic airliner developer Boom Technology has completed the preliminary design review (PDR) for the XB-1 “Baby Boom” demonstrator.
Pratt & Whitney begins A320neo engine seal upgrade 
Pratt & Whitney is beginning a fleet-wide retrofit of a more durable air seal on PW1100G geared turbofan-powered Airbus A320neos following certification of the improvement package on April 12.
Boeing defines 737 MAX ‘extra stretch’ 
Boeing has defined the size of the proposed additional -10X stretch variant of the 737 MAX narrowbody to compete more aggressively against the Airbus A321neo.
Embraer defers E175-E2 service entry to 2021 
Embraer is deferring entry-into-service of the E175-E2, the third member of its new-generation E2 airliner family, by a year to 2021, citing ongoing uncertainty over the settlement of scope-clause agreements at mainline carriers in the US, the chief market for the variant.
XB-1 supersonic demonstrator
Boom Technology unveils supersonic demonstrator 
Boom Technology expects to start subsonic flight tests of its XB-1 supersonic demonstrator in late 2017. Dubbed “Baby Boom,” the delta wing aircraft is a one-third scale demonstrator for a small supersonic airliner that Boom aims to certificate for commercial service by 2023.
Investigators probe American CF6 engine failure 
Accident investigators are puzzling over the causes of the first-ever failure of a second-stage high-pressure (HP) turbine stage on a GE Aviation CF6-80C2 engine, which experienced an uncontained release of debris during the Oct. 28 takeoff run of an American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER from Chicago O’Hare International Airport.
Investigators probe Southwest 737 CFM56 engine failure 
Investigators delving into the highly unusual failure of the left CFM56-7B engine on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 on Aug. 27 are hoping for some quick answers as to why the engine’s inlet cowl detached in midair, causing it to be shut down as well as significantly damaging the airframe.
Legendary 747 designer Sutter dies age 95 
Joe Sutter, who was dubbed “Father of the 747” by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, has died at age 95.
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