Adele C. Schwartz

C. Schwartz

Adele Chidakel Schwartz has been an aviation journalist for more than 40 years, and is ATW's airport specialist.  She has previously worked on Aviation Daily, airport forum magazine and other industry publications.

Bangkok's Troubled Airport 

THAILAND'S CAPITAL CITY HAS A big beautiful new airport with a big ugly problem. Suvarnabhumi International is enormous and has the potential to rival Singapore Changi for Southeast Asian hub traffic. More than 40 years in the planning, it opened to full operations last Sept. 28 with the usual new-airport glitches: Confusing signage, unbalanced lighting and cooling, not enough toilets, balky new systems and the like. These have, for the most part, been corrected.

Then in late January, cracks began appearing in airfield pavement, first in taxiways and later in runways.

Thai prime minister to reopen Don Muang 

Thai Prime Minister Surayud Chulamont ordered Bangkok's Don Muang International Airport reopened to both international and domestic flights in order to prevent overcrowding at the new Suvarnabhumi International.

Other News - 01/31/2007 
Thailand's Dept. of Civil Aviation postponed renewal of Suvarnabhumi International Airport's safety certification, which expired last week and originally was issued to comply with ICAO efforts to standardize international airport documentation. No Thai airport is currently certificated by DCA. Although lack of certification has no impact on operations at the new Bangkok airport, Thai politicians are trumpeting it in their campaign to discredit the deposed Thaksin government, which built the facility (ATWOnline, Jan.
Pavement cracks create more headaches at Suvarnabhumi 
Pavement cracks at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport are being cited by politicians as a reason to oust Airports of Thailand officials appointed by the deposed Thaksin government, which built the new facility. But a senior member of the airport's professional staff told this website that the cracks are in a few sections of taxiway, not the runways as claimed by airport critics. ATWOnline observed crews repairing small rough spots, probably caused by water seeping under the pavement, in the taxiway adjoining the aircraft ramp.
Common-Use in Carolina

Although airlines serving European airports have worked with common-use passenger handling systems for decades, US carriers have resisted the technology and US airports have been reluctant to impose it on them. Gradually this is changing. Raleigh-Durham International will build the system into its new Terminal C, making it the first airport in North Carolina to adopt it.

Multitasking Terminal 

To go anyplace from South Bend by commercial transportation, head for the airport. South Bend Regional is the terminal for nine Regional airlines, three bus companies and the South Shore Railroad.

Growing in the Sun

Determined to continue to give Phoenix air travelers the high level of customer service they now enjoy, Sky Harbor International Airport's managers are upgrading and expanding terminal facilities to keep up with the airport's 5% annual growth rate. FAA approval is expected this month for a new terminal complex, taxiway system and people-mover.

Bonus Design

When the Greater Toronto Airports Authority added a mezzanine level to Pearson International's new terminal to separate Canada-US passengers from domestic and international travelers and changed the shape of the building's airside edge, it gained some unexpected advantages.

New Orleans Airport confronts Katrina cleanup costs, lost revenue 

New Orleans Aviation Director Roy Williams is looking to the US government to make up much of the estimated $300 million in damages and lost revenue to the city's principal airport from Hurricane Katrina.

Selling DFW's Market 

The sixth-busiest AIRPORT in the world wants to get a whole lot busier. With a stunning new 2.1-million-sq.-ft. international terminal and 21 domestic gates left vacant by Delta Air Lines' departure, Dallas/Fort Worth International's air service development staff is courting carriers all over the world, telling them how they can make money deep in the heart of Texas. It is offering an incentive package worth up to $22.2 million to any

SFO set to Welcome A380 in New International Terminal

A big warm California welcome awaits the A380 in San Francisco. Four of the available gates in the 1.8-million-sq.-ft. international terminal, the largest in the US in passenger-processing capacity, are scaled for new aircraft with two-level boarding.

Lining Up the Luggage

With more than two years' experience operating the first all-airport in-line baggage screening system in the US under its belts, Jacksonville International is planning upgrades to the physical facility that will smooth the operation. Later on, the Jacksonville Airport Authority's executive director hopes to join the authority's German partner in selling the baggage handling expertise they are gaining to other airports and airlines around the world.

Sun & Savings 

When the newest commercial airport terminal in the US opens this month, Ft. Myers airline tenants will get not only a complex twice as large as the old one but also a commitment by the airport director to lower their operating costs.

Recycling a Landmark

Looking like a tiny abstract sculpture in the midst of the giant terminals of 21st century John F. Kennedy International Airport, architect Eero Saarinen's 1961 TWA World Flight Center sits empty on what Richard Smyth, JetBlue Airways' VP-JFK redevelopment, calls "the best ramp on the airport."

Signing in Tongues

There's a lot more to creating a bilingual wayfinding program than painting entrance/entrada and exit/salida on a couple of signboards.

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